Septic Systems & Cisterns in Milton

Septic systems and cisterns are very common on rural homes and cottage properties. At Plumbing Dunn Right in Milton, we offer installation, repair and maintenance for septic systems and cisterns. This may require the need for excavation including trenching, drainage and sewer and water line installation. A fuller list of our excavation services include:

  • Back water valve installation
  • Catch basin installation
  • Cistern installation and repair
  • Clean-out installations
  • Distribution tank installationDrainage
  • Exploratory digs
  • Floor drain installations
  • Foundation repairs
  • Grease or oil interceptors installation
  • Interior and exterior excavation
  • Non-excavation: torpedo water distribution services and installation of sewer liners
  • Removal of building traps
  • Septic tank installation and repair
  • Sewer and water line installation
  • Spot repair and digs
  • Spot repair on sewer and building drains
  • Trenching
  • Underground rough-ins
  • Video inspection and locates
  • Wet basement repairs
  • Sewer and building drain repair and replacement

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